OneSamurai: Dusk Development Blog – Bandits and Dev Update (Aug 2020)

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In this blog we will look into a selection of Bandits that can be encountered during the events of OneSamurai: Dusk.

Bandits can be found during regular travel in random encounters, and more powerful outlaws can be encountered on the world map. If you get too close, these outlaws may pursue you to the nearest settlement.

Bandits can also serve as an adversary in the various quests of the game. In Miyazu, a Villager suspects that Ronin are hiding in the settlement in order to steal their vast stores of rice. It is up to you find these hidden Ronin and repel them from the village.

Clan Stewards will also offer a reward for clearing out camps of Bandits in the local area.


A group of Bandits guarding a bridge

A Touzoku (Brigand) is a type of outlaw found on the roads and hills of Japan. Touzoku are usually made up of former peasants and criminals who are on the run from the law of the Shogunate.

They are often found running dishonest tolls on isolated roads or holding up travellers for their coin and valuables. A smart Touzoku knows not to kill their quarry, as do so would attract the attention of the local Samurai.

Though they are known to use violence, in general they flee at the sign of a well-armed individual.

Most Touzoku are not well armed and many are unskilled.

Depending on their prosperity, a Touzoku can be armed with anything from a Modest Bamboo Spear to a Tanto blade. Their amour is usually scavenged or stolen, and has more variety than other Bandits.


A Pilgrim trying to recruit a bodyguard

A Ronin (Masterless Samurai) is a warrior who no longer holds land or has a lord to follow. This can be due to the death of their lord, or the sale of their domains.

Many Ronin serve as mercenaries or muscle for wealthy individuals or criminal gangs. If their pride allows it many also follow peaceful lives as farmers or labourers.

Due to their Samurai training, Ronin are highly skilled at arms. However their equipment can be antiquated or substandard.

The most familiar weapon for a Ronin is the short sword known as a Kodachi. They can be outfitted with Doumaru Armour, which is lighter and easier to fight with on foot.


Samurai hidden in a field as it begins to burn

An Akutou (Villain) is a term used to refer to many different types of outlaws, from lowly peasants to skilled Samurai. Frequently the label is given to groups of Samurai sent by nefarious lords and landowners to pillage rival estates or kidnap foes from rival manors.

While an Akutou is not ordinarily interested in low level banditry, they often kill those who encounter them, lest the witness inform the Shogunate Authorities.

As bands of Akutou frequently come from Prosperous Domains they are highly skilled and outfitted.

A common weapon for an Akuto is the Naginata polearm, or a Yari spear. They can be outfitted with Ooyoroi Armour, which is usually worn on horseback.


These are just some of the Bandits encountered in OneSamurai: Dusk.

There are also outlaws on the waves such as Wokou and Wakou Pirates. Wokou Pirates are generally found in the Sea of Japan, making their bases on the Mongol Controlled Asian Mainland, and Japanese islands like Tsushima and Oki. Comparatively Wakou Pirates are generally found on the Pacific coast, most frequently in the Seto Inland Sea. The Inland Sea’s many small islands prove a perfect base for a crew of malevolent Pirates.

Many outlaws can also be found in towns and cities, such as Hakata and Matsuyama. These rogues generally fight hand to hand or with easily hidden weapons.

There are also other Outlaws who are confined to a particular geographical location.

Development Update

This summer it’s been around six years since the initial development on OneSamurai begun.

As many of you will be aware, Indie Game Projects are often done part time instead of as a full time venture. This is certainly true of OneSamurai. The truth of this is that development can often be disrupted by the world outside of it. This has also affected the team working on the game itself.

Another aspect about six years of development is that many parts of the Game that were initially created now seem like they need refreshing. It can be discouraging to work again on something you had already thought complete, but the satisfaction comes from seeing its improvement.  There is a famous quote nominally/dubiously attributed to Shigeru Miyamoto regarding this. The spirit of the quote is that “A game that is delayed can turn out good, but a rushed game is forever bad”. That is also something we believe. Nonetheless it is also accurate to state that a “game that is never released, can never turn out good”. We’re committed to releasing OneSamurai: Dusk when it is the best game we can make it.

In order to keep everyone more informed of what is going on, we will be releasing more development blogs going into the gameplay features of OneSamurai in the future. Understandably, if time is short development will take precedence.

Best wishes and wellbeing to you reading this.

OneSamurai Team.