OneSamurai: Dusk Development Blog – Weapons of the Kamakura Period (Aug 2021)

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In this blog we will discuss the different types of weapons within OneSamurai: Dusk.

The Majority of weapons found within the game are of Japanese origin. However, there are also weapons originating from elsewhere in Asia, such as Mongol, Korean, Chinese, and Ainu.

During the Kamakura Period most combat between Samurai was done on horseback, so many weapons are designed with cavalry in mind.

The types of weapons within the game include Swords, Daggers, Poles, Chains, and more.

Each weapon has three different attributes which determine how much damage they do. It is up to the Character to determine which type of damage is best suited to the weapon they are brandishing. The armour of the adversary also is an important factor to consider when deciding what type of attack to use.

Some weapons are almost exclusively useful for one type of attack, whilst others are more rounded.

Blunt Damage

Blunt damage is the damage inflicted by the hard edge of an object, as opposed to a sharp or pointed location.

An example of a weapon that has a high amount of blunt damage would be a Kanabou, a type of Japanese war club. The Kanabou would have no piercing damage as a very blunt instrument, so may struggle against an opponent who has extraordinarily strong plated armour.

Kanabou are often the chosen weapons of Oni, giant ogre like creatures in Japanese folklore.

Two warriors fight with a club and a bladed weapon among a wooded marshy village

Slash Damage

Slash damage is the damage inflicted by the sharp edge of a weapon, as opposed to a pointed location.

A type of weapon with good slash damage would be a Tachi, a type of sword with a blade around two foot long. A Tachi was a precursor to the Katana, which was a future development. Many Samurai on the ground carried a Tachi alongside a smaller sidearm such as a Wakizashi.

Slashes are most effective against opponents wearing little to no armour. An example would be a slash targeted against the unarmoured arms of an enemy. Against an opponent in heavy Oo-yoroi armour a slash attack would be unlikely to trouble the wearer. Even for most Samurai a full set of Oo-yoroi is difficult to procure and utilising a set made for horseback on foot can provide difficulties.

A man with a sword prepares to fight a foe armed with a spear. They are situated in a rainy dense city.

Piercing Damage

Piercing damage is the damage inflicted by the point of the weapon, in what could be a stabbing motion.

The Naginata is a type of weapon which has a good amount of piercing damage, as well as decent blunt and slash damage. The Naginata is a useful weapon against cavalry and can be wielded on horse or foot.

A Naginata is one of the weapons most useful against Japanese Oo-yoroi armour, which would generally resist blunt and slash damage. The armour would still nevertheless offer a great deal of protection against the Naginata.

Piercing damage is generally the strongest of the three attack types but does have a few notable weaknesses.

A Monk flanked by two Souhei speaks with a visiting Bureaucrat in the grounds of Shitennou-ji

Ranged Weapons

The ranged weapons in OneSamurai: Dusk can nominally be broken up into two categories (though others exist), Thrown projectiles and Archery.

Thrown items at their most basic are things like rocks, which offer little damage compared to actual weapons. Another thrown weapon is a Makibishi, an item similar to a caltrop which is used to reduce the amount of distance your opponent can move in a turn.

A Japanese bow (Yumi) is a weapon normally taller than the archer. Whilst a Goryeo style Gakgung bow would be much shorter.

Each type of bow has its own capabilities regarding blunt, slash, and piercing damage, with piercing damage being the most widespread strength. As well as the bow itself, the arrows themselves do different types of damage.

After being shot an arrow will embed itself in the target, committing a small amount of damage for several turns.


A weapon’s condition also determines how much damage it can do. The quality of a weapon can vary and can be improved by visiting a blacksmith. Some special weapons can be found that are better forged than a normal version.

Different weapons can be wielded depending on the chosen class of the Character.

It is important to also note the defensive capabilities of a weapon. The defensive value of a weapon can reduce the damage taken from oncoming attacks.

We would like to again thank you for your patience as you come to the end of this blog about weapon damage types. In our next blog we will be discussing the utility of companions with a look at the first available within the game, the Marshall of Iki Island, Taira no Kagetaka (平景隆).