OneSamurai: Dusk Development Blog – Companions and allies (Oct 2021)

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In this blog we will discuss the functions of companions within OneSamurai: Dusk.

There are two types of what can be described as companions within the game. The first are temporary companions who join for a specific quest or battle. The second are permanent companions, who join you on a long-term basis.

Three figures cloaked in black, with one visible

The four permanent companions in OneSamurai: Dusk

Temporary Companions

There are a wide variety of temporary companions who join in various battles to support you in your combat efforts.

These companions are outside your control and act on their own decisions.

However, since they are not your permanent companions you are not responsible for their fate. A temporary companion dying in battle will not result in a loss for the player.

Permanent Companions

We will look at permanent companions through the veil of the first available companion within the game, the Marshall of Iki Island, Taira no Kagetaka (平景隆).

Taira no Kagetaka is a far off descendent of the famous Taira Clan, though of a less prestigious branch. He was born on Iki Island, but grew up alongside the future Chinzei Bugyou (Western Defence Commissioner) Shouni Tsunesuke. Eventually Taira married Shouni Tsunesuke’s sister and after having a daughter the two returned to Iki, where he took up the post of Marshal. His wife passed away leaving Taira with his daughter Katsura.

He has recently been found in Hakata, gathering intelligence on recent pirate activity in the straits of Tsushima. He will agree to come with you in an attempt to find out more about this issue.

The Samurai Taira no Kagetaka praying in front of a tree


When you first meet Taira, he is wielding a single Chokuto sword. Each of the permanent companions within the game specialise in one style of fighting. His method is focused on attack first.

When in combat, a permanent companion is controlled in the same way as the main character. This gives you control over two people in combat instead of one. However, this means that if your companion is killed, it is treated the same way as the main character being defeated.

With a companion you can work in tandem to provide a strategy capable of beating difficult opponents.

A Samurai slicing a post with a sword


Companions also accompany you outside of combat. Whilst in dialog they offer two different functions that may help or hinder you.

Companions can enter conversations to provide their opinion of knowledge on a situation. This can be done based on your decision. Though sometimes if their feeling is strong enough, they will speak without being prompted.

The companion you are with also affects how difficult some speech checks are within the game.

Taira no Kagetaka is known as a serious and honourable individual, as many categorise him as the architype of a true moral Samurai. Though his dislike for merchants is clear, his moral standing means that many listen when he attempts to barter or persuade them. His principles also mean that many will not believe him when he attempts to intimidate them.

A warrior speaks to two individuals on a lantern lit street


Your actions and words can affect your relationship with your permanent companions.

If you pursue actions that are seen as immoral or dishonourable, then this will likely gain Taira’s ire. If he dislikes you enough, he will leave your company and not return.

Of course, following a path that Taira agrees with will mean your relationship with him grows. If you increase your relationship enough, the companion may ask for your help regarding a personal matter.

Your words also matter in what you do, a companion may like your actions, but have misgivings about the way you choose to do it.


One of the disadvantages in having a companion is that they steal some of the experience gained from fighting enemies. The leadership skill is important in this regard, as increasing it also increases the ratio of experience you gain.

Your companions on the whole match the level that you are.

When you reach certain levels, you can unlock further weapons and armour to outfit your companions. You can then choose and customise between these unlockable items for a companion who suits your fighting style.

When a companion levels up they also unlock perks which can aide them in specific situations.

You can also unlock various cosmetic clothing options through levelling and specific quests.

Solitary Samurai

While having a companion seems like simple decision, there are also advantages for travelling solo on your journey.

Specific perks increase your stats and abilities whilst travelling alone, and in specific situations more enemies will show if you appear to be in a group. The leadership skill if journeying alone is also not required. This means that skill points can be put toward other areas as wanted.

Thank you for reading about companions within OneSamurai: Dusk. In the next blog we will look more into the combat system of the game, with a focus on Locational Damage and the result that has on combat.