OneSamurai: Dusk Development Blog – Quests (Apr 2022)

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In this blog we will discuss the different types of quests that can be undertaken in OneSamurai: Dusk.

Aside from quests following the main conflict of OneSamurai: Dusk, there are also other quests that can be completed as part of your duties in the Ao Ken Mercenary Company.

In addition to these specific quests, the player can also take part in other activities.

Some quests are unlocked after certain conditions are met, or based on decisions made in other quests.

Shimei Missions

Two men speak in front of a barn "

Shimei Missions are the small tasks that can be asked of your character.

These missions involve you protecting someone as a Yojimbo (bodyguard), investigating something mysterious, or helping in disputes among other things.

In Kokura, you are asked to find a shipment of Yam that has gone missing. Kezuhiko a farmer in service to the Outomo Family, says he arranged the passage of some especially large yams grown in the Southern Islands. He purports that the yams are a favourite of the Shugo, Outomo no Yoriyasu.

This specific mission sends you to Hakata, to try and discover what became of the vessel and its yams.

Ao Ken Missions

Two people speak in a Temple "Why would Ochiba do such a thing?"

Ao Ken Missions are jobs that have been assigned to the Ao Ken Mercenary Company. These missions are often directly handed directly to the company itself.

In a few different spots there exists a company division. Visiting these locations will give you clues about where to find each settlement’s mission. Each location within the game has its own Ao Ken mission.

One such mission is in the village of Hamada, where a man named Koushin Yomeiki is found murdered. This man is a retainer of the Genji no Mori, the Clan who hold power in Hamada. When that news is shared, it is also discovered that the owner of the local ironworks has also been killed. With the evidence you uncover it is your decision who is held responsible for the crime.

Clan Missions

Two flags flutter in the breeze,

Clan Missions are jobs undertaken with the many clans of OneSamurai: Dusk. These missions pit different clans against one another or an outside force.

Each Clan has three missions each associated with them. After completing the first of a Clan’s Missions, it is possible to betray them and provide help to their adversary.

One such Clan mission involves the conflict between the Outomo and O’uchi Clans.

Outomo Sadachika the son of the Outomo Clan Head Outomo no Yoriyasu, illegally builds a fort upon the territory of the O’uchi. When this conflict is beginning to be resolved, an arrow comes forth which fells the other son of Yoriyasu, Outomo Chikatoki. This squabble then breaks out into a full engagement.

Depending on which Clan you supported, you can either be with the Outomo assaulting the fortification, or helping the O’uchi defending it.

From your actions, the various Clans can win or lose territory from these skirmishes. The power of the of the Clans is solely given at the discretion of the Shogun, in theory. Though often the victorious Family can strike a deal to gain the territory themselves.

Other Activities

There are also other activities and quests that can be undertaken.

You can engage in a game of the co-operative sport Kemari. The objective of kemari is to keep a ball in the air for as long as possible without using your hands. If you get a high enough score, you can begin to play alongside more prestigious teammates.

Four people kicking a ball around

In port towns and cities, there are rumours of an unarmed fighting competition run by pirates. Conversely, in more civilised company, there is a duelling competition run among well off Samurai Families.

Thank you again for reading this blog about the different types of quests within OneSamurai: Dusk. The next blog will be more gameplay focused, with a look at level scaling, and difficulty settings.