OneSamurai: Dusk Development Blog – The Ao Ken Mercenary Company (Oct 2022)

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Hello and welcome to this OneSamurai: Dusk blog. In this blog will we be discussing the Ao Ken, a mercenary company from Hakata in 1273. The members of the Ao Ken have a large part to play in the events of OneSamurai: Dusk.

As a member of the Ao Ken, your decisions are important in shaping the future of the company.


The Ao Ken was started many years ago by Yamauchi Ryuu, an orphan from the streets of Hakata. Hakata is a western port town which prior to the Mongol Invasion of Korea was a heavy site of trade between Japan and the Asian mainland.

Yamauchi himself does not reveal much of his past, but decided to start the Ao Ken after realising that many of Hakata’s citizens did not receive help from the Samurai who ruled over them. The name of the company was taken from two bronze swords longed turned blue with rust which Yamauchi sold to fund his venture.

After recruiting some companions to his cause, Yamauchi built a compound in the western district of Hakata, under the eye of the Shouni Clan Estate.


Portraits of the Ao Ken leaders from left to right (Yamauchi Ryuu,

The most notable and visible member of the Ao Ken is Yamauchi Ryuu. He is an imposing figure, standing well taller than any other man in the Shogunate. Yamauchi holds the current structure of society in distain, and believes that men of any station deserve respect. While Yamauchi is a fearsome warrior, he usually leaves the day to day running of the Ao Ken to other members of the company.

Tanegashima Hachiro is known to the junior members of the Ao Ken as a grumpy presence in the compound. But it is he who manages to acquire and distribute most of the company’s equipment. With most of their equipment coming having already seen use, there is no specific uniform to the company. Most members distinguish themselves by displaying a blue fabric somewhere on their person.

The most famous member of the Ao Ken outside of Yamauchi Ryuu is a man by the name of Tsutsui Tokitaka. He is a noted swordsman, even commanding the respect of those who usually look down upon the company.

Kiyotomo is a member often out on the road. It is his responsibility to find contracts that the Ao Ken can take care of. While most members are sent to find smaller jobs on their own, it is his responsibility to find grander more lucrative jobs for the company.

There are also many more members with responsibility, like Hayashi Tadatsugu who is put in charge of training new members of the group.

During the times of OneSamurai:Dusk you will also meet other followers of the group, like Ringo no Hoshi Hachirou, and fellow recruit Kaguyama Danshi.

Current Events

In the year 1273 the Ao Ken are only providing their services on the island of Kyushu and the western sea circuit.

Yamauchi Ryuu wishes to expand the company into the main island of Honshu and elsewhere, but is prevented in doing so by the Shogunate, who are remiss to allow the presence of men with differing allegiance. The main speaker against this is Outomo no Yoriyasu, the Shugo of Buzen province.

It is hoped by many in the company that current events may change this current arrangement, and the Ao Ken will soon have stations across Japan.

Yamauchi Ryuu speaking to the player and Taira no Kagetaka he says "


Many in the Kamakura Era do not respect mercenaries, cursing them as pirates or men who only care for material reward. It is up to you whether you cement that thinking or challenge it.

As a member of the Ao Ken, you can take up contracts in the various settlements of the Kamakura Shogunate. These are simple contracts from villagers, usually paid in rice or wares, to contracts with rich merchants, usually paid in coin. As a member of the Ao Ken you can also serve as a bodyguard for merchant ships and caravans.

A company man also has a number of advantages whilst traveling. In a few towns, the Ao Ken have acquired a building to serve as local headquarters. In these buildings you can find the location of local contracts, and send supplies along to other stops on the journey. When the Ao Ken travel to a new town or village, they also hide a supply chest, which can be used by company members to stock up on essentials. After completing more Ao Ken missions, you are able to grab better items from the supply chest, so must decide whether to open one now or save it for a greater reward later.

Thank you again for reading this OneSamurai: Dusk development blog. In the next blog we will take a journey around Kagoshima, the home of the powerful Shimazu Clan.